Monday, November 26, 2012

Review: Spoiled Rotten Box

About 3 weeks ago I got an email from showcasing the Spoiled Rotten Box for dogs. I love surprises a thought why not try it? I bought one and patiently waited for it to arrive. It shipped on the  15th and I received it on the 24th. I think I would have gotten it faster but it was slowed down by Thanksgiving. The Box came with 9 items (all USA made)  and I am going to review them in order of how much me and the dogs liked them. First let me introduce Rico Suavè (Left) and Reggie (Right).

They helped me to put this review together by testing out all the products.

Ok to begin! Our favorite item of all was the Merrick Natural Beef Ear Chews, the Box had two of these . These are only 99 cents right now on PetFlow and these were chosen as the best because the dogs each got one and had it completely eaten in about an hour, with none stop chewing. An added bonus is that they help to keep their teeth clean. I know that I will be purchasing these again and giving them out as a special treat.

The second pick is the Petrageous Seth the skunk toy. The reason this toy got second place is that Rico is a Puppy Mill rescue dog and has NEVER shown any interest in a toy before because he was never played with before. As soon as I open the box he grabbed this toy and didnt put it down for a good 30 minutes. I was shocked. We will see if he continues to play with it after Reggie broke the squeaker in the first night, (he does this with every squeaky toy, silly dog!). I hope he does, if not I may have to get another one and put it in his kennel only so Reg cant reach it!

Third is the Etta Says Duck Meat treats. Both of the dogs loved these and they are American made with no grains so they would be great for almost any dog even those with grain allergies. It says that they are for Medium to Large dogs though so if you have small dogs like me I would only give them one or two treats a day since they are pretty big. (On a side note I love the picture on the front since it looks like a long hair Reggie.) At about 14 dollars they are fairly expensive though, so keep that in mind.

Fourth on the list is my pick because I don't know any dog that likes to get ear cleaner in their ears ;). The product it is called Ear Cleaning Solution III-
Sweet Pea and Vanilla for Dogs and Cats and it is 4.99 of PetFlow. The reason I like this is because of the scent, it smells so good unlike the other ear cleaner I have bought that have all smelled so strongly of alcohol. Rico needs his ears cleaned out every other day according to the vet and even he is less resistant to this cleaner. I know that I will get this again because not only does it smell so much better it is also cheaper than the one that I usually buy at the pet store. 

This is where is starts getting hard to pick! But next I would have to go with the My Little Wolf Turkey dog treats. These are listed on Petflow for 5.99 and are also made in the USA and have no corn or wheat. Unlike the other treats these are soft little treats. Both of the dogs liked these treats and these are going to be great for training new tricks. (Isn't the graphic cute?)

Next is the John Paul Waterless Foam Shampoo. This is listed at 12.99 a bottle 8.5 oz. I like that this product was not tested on animals during the trail periods and it smells good too. I tried it on Reggie and it took about 90 seconds to rug it in until fully dry. The reason this is down so far on the list is because both of my dogs like baths so its not really something I could see using a lot. It does say that it is for both dogs and cats though so I will probably give it to my mom to use on her cat who is not so fond of baths! This would be great for anyone with a pet that does not do well with baths.

Next is the Nuts for Knots Rope toy. This toy is only 2.99 on PetFlow and is tiny about 5 inches I would say. For some reason my dogs dont really like the rope toys but the toy seems durable and is a nice color. So it would be good for a small dog that likes to chew on ropes.

Finally the last item is a Lickety Stik Liver flavor treat. These cost 4.99 on PetFlow. Let me start of by saying that even though Rico showed no interest in this Reggie loved it. The reason I have it last is because it really stinks and also it gave Reggie terrible gas (like clear the room gas) all night long. It is possible that I let him lick it to many times (about 10 licks) so maybe I will work up the courage and let him lick it again but only once or twice to see what happens.

Overall you get 40 dollars+ worth of items for 25 dollars with free shipping. The dogs and I really loved what we got and are looking forward to the December Box!
Let me know what you thought!



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